Hey guys,

For those of you who have read Bits of Nothing, you know what’s going on. Those of you that have never read Bits of Nothing…you’re probably lost.

Bits of Nothing is a collection of the strange ideas that pop into my mind. Sometimes it’s about things that annoy me and then sometimes it’s a guy punching a fish in the face.

Thanks to all of you that have been reading my work and giving me ideas from time to time. To those of you who are just starting: Kick back, check your cerebellum at the door, and enjoy!


This comic doesn’t have a set update since this is basically when Dawn has a silly idea for a comic page and has time to draw it. If you want a comic that updates regularly that Dawn works on as an artist, I would suggest that you check out Zombie Ranch.

About the Artist

Dawn Wolf is your nerd Queen!

Currently living in the Los Angeles area and seeking out a kingdom to rule in. One of the nerd talents that made her queen was her ability to draw. Yes drawing is not a nerd talent…unless you use it to draw comics about your World of Warcraft character or fan comics about Mass Effect.

And so did Dawn rule amongst her minions with an iron pencil….okay it’s graphite…close enough.