I love going to dress up events. I work at the Renaissance Faire, go to Comic Con, dressed up for Anime Expo as Yomiko Readman, and many other random dress up events. But one I like a lot is “Labyrinth of Jareth” – a masquerade ball held in Hollywood, CA. I’ve been going for a while now and love to create outfits for the event. This year I’m thinking of making a Rool (from the Willow movie) inspired outfit…so I guess that will just make me a brownie.

But Labyrinth of Jareth is one of the few moments that I become girly. And yes, I’ll admit that I had a time where I would hope that some random kind person would ask me to dance (If you know me, you know gender is not an issue). But it never happens – so I dance with friends now.

So the comic “Masquerade Dreams Shattered” is about a going to a Masquerade Ball for the first time – proud of your beautiful dress that she made her dress, spent all this money, and is single with dreams of finding romance. Then it all crumbles and shatters away as she notices the girl who spent $25 on cheap wings and pasties…and will without a doubt take all possible male suitors attentions away from her.

Ah Hollywood. Only place you can go clubbing in your underwear or less and it will be considered okay.