When ever I play an MMO, I tend to always make one character, and that character is Disara.

I like to roleplay out my characters and usually play on an RP server. And if you’ve ever been on an RP server, you always run into the “dark and brooding” characters that stand in the many dark corners of the tavern. Disara was created to counter that and tends to be the complete opposite of the gloomy characters.

Lately I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings online and joined one of the RP servers. And the Prancing Pony is filled with the Gloomy characters standing in dark corners. So Disara does what Disara does best, drink and make a fool of herself.

In the past she has made insulting assumptions of elves and paid witness to several bar fights.

The last time I played, Disara met up with a minstrel who didn’t heed Disara’s warnings on how she was a terrible musician. The minstrel was determined to teach Disara how to play the lute. This quick doodle was inspired by this RP session.