I drew Northrend’s Number 1 Seller shortly after Wrath of the Lich King came out for the World of Warcraft game. The character Disara likes to pick pockets a lot and on many occasions in Northrend I found a book called Steamy Romance Novel: Forbidden Love.
As far as I know this all started when Burning Crusade came out with the first Steamy Romance Novel.

So after sharing this book with my guild mates for several days and laughing at the new found creation made by some guy(s) that work at Blizzard. We loved it, but though (as the roleplayers that we were) who would write such a thing? And why is it so popular? The only answer we could think of was Arthas and how in the beginning as a Death Knight you are always told that his will is your own. So the comic was born!

Welcome to my mind and trust me that there is more strangeness ahead. :P

If you think Disara seems a bit familiar – she’s a character that evolved from an RPG game, proceeded to Everquest, then to World of Warcraft, then finally to be in my comic book (Saturnine).