It’s almost 4AM and I just had to draw this and post it up. I’ve been thinking about it, but never had the time to draw it till now.

About this comic:
I play Dungeons & Dragons with some of my friends. I’ve been DMing for a while, and recently just got back into playing a character.

We’re playing version 4.0 and I was allowed to delve into the Players Handbook 2 when creating my character. So I decided to go Plavalaguna and created a Deva Bard…yup…I went there.

She’s a Cunning Bard and so I went with the “Vicious Mockery” At-Will Power:

“You unleash a string of insults at your foe, weaving them with bardic magic to send the creature into a blind rage.”

This also does damage to your target. So I imagine this can go several ways, either they can be affected by the George Lucas plot (die of a broken heart), or they go emo and start cutting themselves.

But we were joking about some of this on our last game and I wanted to draw a small mini comic for Bits of Nothing

Any of my fellow party members look at this and say “Hey! My character doesn’t look like that!” Well…I don’t have your character sheets and I can only do so much from memory. :blush:

And let me know of any typos…it’s 4AM…Spelling and my brain never get along at this hour.